The compact digital PID Temperature/Process Controller system offers advanced control features for the most demanding temperature or process applications. Enclosed in a 1/32 DIN housing, the controller is designed with dual, 4-digit LED displays for local indication of process value and setpoint.

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The digital PID temperature controller system uses methods including ON/OFF, PID, self-tune, and manual tune. PID control is supported with 64 temperature and time (ramp/soak) control actions. The dual loop output control allows simultaneous heating and cooling control. The second output can be configured as an alarm mode using one of the thirteen built-in alarm functions.RS-485 communication is standard. Up to 247 communication addresses are available with transmission speeds of 2400 to 38,400 bps. The digital PID temperature controller system also features universal input, selectable temperature units (°F ,°C), selectable resolution, quick sampling rate and security protection.

  • Able to be configured as a Single or Dual Controller set up
  • Mounted in an aluminum enclosure with either Rubber Bumpers or Mounting Flanges
  • Utilize PID/Self Tune for accuracy
  • Staff ability to change Set Point if needed (maximum set point can be pre-set)
  • Power output from Solid State Relays
  • 10’ Power Cord
  • Typically equipped with EcoMate Quick disconnect terminals at the back of the digital PID temperature control system’s enclosure to mate with the heaters


  • Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltages or DC current.
  • Display: Two 4-digit, 7 segment .25″ H (6.35 mm) LED’s. PV: red; SV: green.
  • Accuracy: ±0.25% span, ±1 least significant digit.
  • Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 5 VA max.
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 122° F (0 to 50°C).
  • Memory Backup: Nonvolatile memory.
  • Control Output Ratings: Relay: SPST, 5A@ 250 VAC resistive;
  • Voltage pulse: 14V, 10% to -20% (max 40 mA); Current: 4 to 20 mA.
  • Communication: RS-485 Modbus® A-5-11/RTU communication protocol.Weight: 4 oz (114 g).
  • Agency Approvals: CE, UL, cUL.
  • Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66)


SCD-SW, Configuration SoftwareA-277, 250 Ohm Precision ResistorMN-1, Mini-Node™ USB/RS-485 converter A-600, R/C snubber


Dual Controller Configuration: 2.11″ high x 6.68″ wide x 6.3″ long/deepSingle Controller Configuration: 1.77″ high x 4.27″ wide x 6.3″ long/deep

PID Controller Front Image

Single Controller Front

PID Controller Back Image

Single Controller Back

PID Controller Another Front Image

Double Controller

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