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Installation & Operation of Classified Area Heating Jackets

Control Number 5001878
Conforms to ANSI/UL Std. 499

Cert to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 130-03

Ambient Temperature -40°C to +40°C

Weather resistance: ‘-S’ Usage marking and area of use.

CHR Inc’s Classified Area Heating Jackets are designed for use in industrial applications and should only be installed by a competent person.  Refer to individual heating jacket label for current and voltage ratings. The heating device must be installed in accordance with applicable codes.  The heating device must be installed with a means of disconnection from the power supply.

Wrap the jacket around the object/container to be heated and adjust the retaining straps until a close fit is obtained without over-tensioning the jacket. The jacket should be fully spread and not creased or compressed by any obstructions.

Do not connect to the power supply until the jacket is correctly positioned.
Always disconnect before removal.
Failure to disconnect prior to removal may result in damage to the heating jacket.

Dependent on the jacket type, the product will have an adjustable or fixed-temperature thermostat. There may be several thermostats fitted. The thermostat is not meant to provide close temperature control. The figures on the dial of the adjustable thermostats should only be used as a guide to the container wall temperature.

Prior to switching on, check with the container and contents suppliers that it is safe to heat to the set temperature. When using for the first time on ta new material, it is recommended to monitor the performance.

During and after heating, care should be taken when handling the heating jacket and container.

Ensure there is at least 50mm between the outer surface of the heating jacket and adjacent objects to allow air to circulate.

Ensure that the container is vented to prevent internal pressure build up.

The heating jackets should not be used in conjunction with any other heating or insulation product unless it is approved by CHR Inc.