The temperature/process control panel offers advanced control features for the most demanding temperature or process applications. Each PID Controller is enclosed in a 1/32 DIN housing. The Process Control Panel is designed with dual, 4-digit LED displays for local indication of process value and setpoint. Control methods include ON/OFF, PID, self-tune, and manual tune. PID control is supported with 64 temperature and time (ramp/soak) control actions. The dual loop output control allows simultaneous heating and cooling control. The second output can be configured as an alarm mode using one of the thirteen built-in alarm functions. RS-485 communication is standard. Up to 247 communication addresses are available with transmission speeds of 2400 to 38,400 bps. The controller also features universal input, selectable temperature units (°F ,°C), selectable resolution, quick sampling rate and security protection.

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  • Two inputs and two outputs or one controller can be dedicated to Over-Temperature Protection 
  • Mounted in a Weather-Tight Steel Enclosure with mounting flanges
  • Utilize PID/Self Tune for accuracy
  • Staff ability to change Set Point if needed (maximum set point will be pre-set to prevent user errors)
  • Power output from Solid State Relays
  • Sturdy Rocker Style On/Off Power Switch
  • Terminal Block provided easy connection to supply power
  • Water-Tight Quick Disconnect Terminals provided to mate with CHR Heaters


Dual Controller Configuration: 10.5″ high x 10″ wide x 6.6″ deep


  • SCD-SW, Configuration Software 
  • SCD-SW, Configuration Software
  • A-277, 250 Ohm Precision Resistor
  • MN-1, Mini-Node™ USB/RS-485 converter A-600, R/C snubber


  • Inputs: Thermocouple, RTD, DC voltages or DC current
  • Display: Two 4-digit, 7 segment .25″ H (6.35 mm) LED’s. PV: red; SV: green
  • Accuracy: ±0.25% span, ±1 least significant digit
  • Supply Voltage: Able to accept 208 – 480v supply power
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 122° F  (0 to 50°C)
  • Memory Backup: Nonvolatile memory
  • Control Output Ratings: Relay: SPST, 5A@ 250 VAC resistive
  • Solid State Relay Output – 208v to 480v
  • Voltage pulse: 14V, 10% to -20% (max 40 mA); Current: 4 to 20 mA
  • Communication: RS-485 Modbus® A-5-11/RTU communication protocol
  • Weight: approximately 18 lbs
  • Agency Approvals: CE, UL, cUL
  • Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66)





Digital Temperature Control Panel System features:

  • PID logic enabled Temperature Controller for accurate control
  • Digital Controllers to be housed inside a Hammond NEMA 4X enclosure 
  • Easy to use “Flip-UP” viewing window
  • Mounting flanges for simple installation
  • 100 Ohm RTD temperature sensing  
  • Pre-programmed by our staff to your desired Set Point
  • Maximum Allowable Set Point to be pre-programmed for safety
  • Ability to change Set Point if needed below maximum 
  • LCD Display to show Process value & Set Point
  • Easy ability to display Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Weather-tight cable glands
  • Solid State Relay power output
  • Heat Sinks installed 
  • Step down transformer for 480v to 120v for the controllers
  • Terminal block supplied for easy connection to supply power

Voltage Pulse / Relay
Input Types / Range
Type K T/C -328 to 2372° F (-200 to 1300°C)
Type J T/C -148 to 2192 ° F (-100 to 1200°C)
Type T TIC -328 to 752° F (-200 to 400°C)
Type E T/C 32 to 1112° F (0 to 600°C)
Type W T/C -328 to 2372° F (-200 to 1300°C)
Type R T/C 32 to 3092° F (0 to 1700°C)
Type S TIC 32 to 3092° F (0 to 1700°C)
Type B T/C 212 to 3272° F (100 to 1800°C)
Type L T/C -328 to 1562°F (-200 to 850°C)
Type U T/C -328 to 932° F (-200 to 500°C)
Pt 100 RTD -328 to 1112° F (-200 to 600°C)
0-50 mV -999 to 9999
0-5 V -999 to 9999
0-10 V -999 to 9999
0-20 mA* -999 to 9999
4-20 mA* -999 to 9999
*Requires 250 Ohm Precision Resistor