Kapton Etched Foil ShapeCHR has provided silicone rubber heaters for a wide variety of silicone rubber sheet uses including US Military industrial, petro-chemical, food processing, tank heating, battery warming, electronics (particularly telecommunications), composite repair for the aerospace industry, satellite dish snow melting, and anti-condensation.

  • Silicone rubber heaters provide excellent surface contact for curing resins due to the ability to provide even heating.  These heated rubber sheets can also provide precise temperature control. When curing composites, potting material and resins silicone rubber heaters can be the perfect solution.
  • Communications antennas and satellite dishes often need heat to drive off snow and ice; CHR silicone rubber heaters can easily be adhered with our PSA pressure sensitive adhesive and survive the most challenging environments!
  • Medical and laboratory applications often require precise and even heating; CHR silicone rubber heaters are used to warm water samples for testing and warming vaccines when out in the field.

The range of silicone rubber sheet uses is really unlimited; here at CHR we can assist you to find the proper high temperature silicone sheets for your heating needs.

CHR silicone heating sheets have been the heating solution ranging from the North Pole to Outer Space!

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