Types of silicone heaters include:

Etch Foil heater.

Etched Foil


Wire Wound


preformed silicone heaters.



Etched Foil Heaters Construction

These computer-designed and chemically etched “foil tracks” are laminated between thin sheets of silicone to give precise, even heating.

These silicone-etched foil flexible heater systems are applicable for both low and high-volume production.

An Etched Foil Flexible Heater element has rapid heat-up properties with precise temperature control.

Well suited to applications where high power densities are required or where the heater will be adhered via a PSA adhesive, Etched Foil Heaters offer a more precise form of heating than a Wire Wound construction due to the wide “foil tracks” which create the heat.

The technical staff at CHR Inc. are experts in designing specific track layouts and meeting the most precise customer demands.

Wire Wound Heaters Construction

Best for building for lower volume or initial prototypes, our wire wound heaters are manufactured to your specifications or requirements.

Made in any shape or size, these wire wound heaters have high flexibility and robust silicone materials.

Using evenly spaced resistance wires laminated between sheets of silicone, Wire Wound Silicone Heater Elements are ideal for many applications. Manufactured to your specifications and utilizing tough, robust silicone materials. These wire wound heaters are being used more than ever by a wide range of industries.

CHR has the needed experience to design wire wound heaters with elements that are suitable for even the most arduous environments.

Kapton Heaters Construction

Kapton Polymide is a thin, flexible, and semitransparent material and is well-suited for the production of heater elements.

This is due to having a fast and efficient heat transfer, low thermal mass, and excellent resistance to chemicals, weather, and radiation.

Kapton film polymide heater elements also allow for high power densities and offer a fast response to temperature control.

When thin/low profile, intimate heating is required Kapton Heaters are the ideal solution.

Similarly to the Etched Foil Heaters, Kapton Flexible Heater elements are constructed from computer-designed, chemically etched foil tracks which are laminated between ultra-thin sheets of Polyamide to give precise, even heating.

Suitable for both low and high-volume production, Kapton Heaters have rapid heat-up properties and allow for precise thermal control. For applications where high power densities are required, Kapton Heater elements offer a more intimate form of heating than their silicone counterparts owing to their low thermal mass and thin and lightweight construction.

Having manufactured Kapton Heaters for decades, We are experts in designing specific track layouts and meeting the most precise of customer demands.

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Preformed Heaters Construction

When heating pipes, tubes, and other cylindrical items a Pre-formed heater makes having intimate contact much easier making the heat transfer more effective.

When a heater mat is required to fit a small diameter pipe a more precise fit can be obtained by using the pre-formed option.

CHR Inc. can form and vulcanize a silicone heater to fit the full or partial circumference of any pipe diameter.

These industrial heat systems can be attached via straps and buckles for easy installation/removal or by utilizing our all-weather and high-temperature PSA adhesive for when the heater will be permanently installed.

CHR Inc. can design the heater to have holes/cut-outs if needed and can utilize virtually any temperature control device on the pre-formed heaters. CHR Inc. can also provide in-house fitment service to your components.

Spiral Heater Construction

Need to heat small OD pipes and tubing? We have the solution right here- CHR Inc.’s spiral silicone heaters can be made in a variety of diameters. Our spiral heaters are ALREADY pre-formed to the proper diameter for your application.

This ensures proper contact and makes installation a breeze.

CHR Inc. designs and manufactures custom silicone heaters for pipes and tubes; however, manufacturing techniques for our standard preformed heaters meant that for small-diameter pipes the heater could only be manufactured in short lengths for rigid pipe work. Through continued product development, CHR can now offer the Spiral Wrap Heater range to suit flexible or rigid pipes

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