Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters

Flexible Silicone Rubber Heaters



Custom Silicone Heater General Specifications:

    • Wire wound heating element laminated into sheet of Arlon silicone rubber
    • Two ply woven glass textile reinforced silicone rubber; nominal thickness 2.0 -3.0mm
    • Power cord is rubber insulated

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Stock sizes of our flexible silicone heater blankets, sheets, mats, and jackets are available for immediate shipping, but where we really excel is building Silicone Rubber Heaters to your specific needs.

We can perform the thermal analysis, create your design and have the finished custom silicone heater ready before many of our competitors can get you a quote!

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Technical Description:

      • Etched foil element – Silicone rubber insulated
      • PSA Adhesive backing – all weather-adhesive
      • Lead wires – 22 AWG White P.T.F.E. (Teflon, 500V Rated) 19.5” long
      • Operating temperature range -75F to +390F
      • 120v heaters have a 17mm Diameter hole in the center

Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor

All silicone rubber heating pad tape components UL Listed
Meets NEC 427.23 standards & CE 73/23/EEC.

About Silicone Heaters

Additional information
Packaging Weight5 lbs
Packaging Dimensions8 × 10 × 4 in
Our line of silicone rubber heating blankets, mats, and jackets can be your heating solution. Depending on your application, these custom silicone heaters can use Etched Foil, Kapton or evenly spaced resistance wires are laminated between sheets of silicone. The wire wound silicone rubber heating blankets and mats are ideal for prototyping or long term solutions for surface heating. These are built to any specification, can be made in a limitless range of shapes and sizes. High flexibility can be obtained using tough, robust silicone materials and can tackle a wide temperature range, tolerance of -60 to +230 °C. We can offer a wide range of thermal sensors and temperature control devices which can be incorporated into the heaters – from RTDs to Thermocouples and limit switches.

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