Silicone Drum Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Silicone Drum Heater with Adjustable Thermostat



CHR’s silicone drum heater band with temperature controller is a versatile and powerful solution to your drum heating needs.

Construction – 2nd to none!

CHR Inc. utilizes only the highest quality components in the construction of their products and the silicone drum heater band is a perfect example. Efficient and effective, our drum heater band provides excellent performance due to the following design features:

  • PFA Coated multi-stranded heating element aligned to flex with the heater
    • More reliable than other brands – reduces breakage
    • Provides very uniform heating
  • USA Silicone from Arlon Silicone Technologies
    • Longer lasting precision calendared silicone
  • Fluid Expansion Capillary Thermostat
    • More precise than simple bi-metal thermostat types
    • Temperature range from ambient to 250F
  • Stainless Steel hook-n-spring closure

By providing a very uniform heat across the surface of the silicone drum heater band it is possible to safely heat more sensitive materials with no localized over-heating when using this silicone heat band. This drum band heater is also made from high quality silicone, has a superior designed heating element and includes reliable temperature controllers that help separate our silicone band heater from similar products.

About Silicone Heaters

Additional information
Packaging Weight4 lbs
Packaging Dimensions14 × 12 × 6 in

5" Wide


1200 Watts

Operating Mode

120v Operation


Hook-n-Spring Closure

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