Pipe Freezing / Thawing

Pipe Freezing / Thawing

This liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system designed for the NYC Power Authority, Con Edison, consists of 3 components with all the needed equipment. The liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system is crucial as the pipe contains high-voltage power lines and Dielectic Fluid. This must be frozen with liquid nitrogen so that the cables inside can be repaired over the course of several days.

  1. The outermost blanket of these liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system tools is a Frost Prevention System. These Cryogenic pipe freezing tools are kept just warm enough to prevent frost from building up on the outside of the system. This makes the job site workable and makes the task of melting the Freeze much quicker.
  2. The next layer is an Insulation Jacket that helps keep the cold of the liquid nitrogen in, but also ensures that the Frost Prevention System does not have any effect on the Freeze. This utilizes a weather proof and durable exterior and aluminized fabric on the belly of the Insulation Jacket.
  3. The innermost layer is a Thaw Blanket. This liquid nitrogen pipe freezing system stays dormant throughout the Freeze and withstands the Cryogenic cold temperatures until it is activated. Once the repair is completed, the ice plug needs to be melted. The Thaw Blanket dramatically reduces the time for the utility to turn the power back on and does so in a safer manner than conventional methods.

This entire liquid nitrogen Cryogenic pipe freezing system is packaged in hard plastic cases and is field-ready brought to the job site, installed, operated, and removed by the crew. Our frozen pipe repair kit is durable and easy to use.

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