Mini Bake Heater

Specifications for the Mini Industrial Portable Heater

  • 12” x 120”
  • Maximum Temperature – 250-260F
  • Gentex Aluminized Fabric Inner liner
  • Silicone insulated Heating Element on both top & bottom
  • 1/2” thick layer of matt fiberglass
  • 500D Dupont Codura Exterior for weather resistance
  • Dabond 2000 thread – UV and abrasion resistant
  • 120v, single phase operation
  • Portable industrial heater is built with two heating zones- bottom and top. Customer can choose to run bottom only or both top and bottom. Each heater zone will be 15 amps and will have its own power cord for 120v power
  • The portable industrial heater system will be open on 3 sides; a zipper for the 10’ side and Velcro closures on the two ends
  • These commercial, portable mini bake heaters have a wattage estimated at 2400 total (1200 top and 1200 bottom)
  • 6’ long power cord
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