Metal Tote Heating Jacket

Metal Tote Heating Jacket

Custom Heaters and Research/CHR Inc. has the Tote Heating Jackets you need for Metal IBC Totes (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

These ruggedly manufactured Heating Jackets are designed, manufactured and serviced in our New York facility!

They are sized to fit, covering the vertical sides of the tote, are durable, temperature accurate, weather resistant and well insulated.

They accommodate the outlet and the Insulated Lids accommodate the Stacking Tabs.

We have lids with Access Doors should you need to fill while the Lid is in place.

These Heating Jackets will be easily installed by your staff with minimal instruction since they are built to fit properly, wrapped around the tote and attach via Heavy Duty Straps and Quick release Buckles.

Dual Zone- Higher Power Option

Double the power with two zones
1800 watts x 2 = 3600 watts
2400 watts x 2 – 4,800 watts

Heavy-Duty Insulation

Insulation Only Lid with Access Door



Custom Built Flexible Heating Jacket constructed as follows:

  • Sized to wrap tote with dimensions 1200 x 1060 x 1900mm tall
  • Inner liner – Urethane backed nylon
    • Heating Element – Silicone insulated
    • Felted Dupont Nomex Insulation
    • Felted layer of PE Insulation
    • Exterior – TPU Laminated Nylon – Water-Proof and & tear resistant
    • Dabond 2000 thread – UV and abrasion resistant
    • 240v, single phase operation
    • Power – 2,400
    • DTC1 Digital Temperature controller mounted to the Heating Jacket
  • Digital Temperature Control System which features:
    • Temperature Range from 0-212F
    • Staff ability to change Set Point
      • Maximum allowable Set Point Programmable
      • Lock out is possible
    • LCD Display to show Process value
    • NEMA 4X enclosure
    • Power Cord – 10’ long, rubber insulated, no plug

Custom Tote Heating Jacket for 450 Gallon Metal Tote (59/60” Tall) as described above:

Cost:     $1,895. each

Custom Tote Heating Jacket for 550 Gallon Metal Tote(72-75” Tall)  as described above:

Cost:     $2,195. each                            

Additional Cost Options:

Dual Zone- Higher Power:  Equipped with (2) Heat Zones, one in the lower section, one in the upper section. Each with its own DTC1 Temperature Controller to be able to operate only the lower section if the tote is not completely full.  Each Heat Zone to have 2,400 watts producing 4,800 watts total.

Cost:    $315. each  

Heavy-Duty Insulation:  Designed to retain more heat and make the system more efficient:

1” thick expanded polyester insulation with a FSK facing (foil facing) throughout the entire Heating Jacket (R5 insulation value)

Cost:     $255. each

Insulation Only Lid with Access Door – These insulating lids are made with same construction as the Tote Heaters and attach to the tote heaters via Velcro closures.  This makes the heating process much more effective.

Cost:     $125. each

Additional information
Packaging WeightN/A
Packaging DimensionsN/A

450 Gallon Metal Tote (59/60” Tall), 550 Gallon Metal Tote(72-75” Tall)


120v version – 1800 watts, 240v version – 2400 watts

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