Induction Base Drum Heater

Induction Base Drum Heater

    New application or replacing a previous heating solution?*

    Can we define the shape & size? If cylindrical what is the OD of the cylinder and length confirmed?

    Do you have any photos of the vessel to be heated?

    Are there any features that need to be accommodated?

    Material the vessel/item to be heated made of?

    Supply voltage desired?

    Amperage available?

    Starting temperature?

    Target temperature?

    Temperature accuracy needed? +/- 5F or more precise <2f?

    Do you require a temperature sensor in the heater? This sensor can work with an existing Temperature Controller if desired

    Do you desire we quote you a Digital Temperature Controller? We can provide both On/Off or PID Logic Enabled Temperature Controllers

    Adhere the heater to the cylinder or do you need to remove it?

    Is the area Classified/Explosion Proof?

    It is the heating application outside? If so, will the heater going to exposed to the elements?

    Quantity needed?

    Any other important details or description of the project?


    CHR Inc.’s Induction Base Drum Heater Kit consists of an induction coil, encapsulated in glass-reinforced resin with a heating plate located on top. It has been proved to be a very reliable and efficient product in is use worldwide for over 20 years. Powered by a single-phase ac mains supply, our industrial induction heating equipment will heat the base of drums and containers placed onto it. The Induction Base Drum heater is safe to use in hazardous areas (Zones 1 and 2) and is IECEx, ATEX and ETL (UL/CSA standards) certified. With an ingress protection rating of IP66 and no moving parts, this base drum heater kit is suitable for use in harsh environments or where regular cleaning is required. CHR Inc. also offers a half-height drum heating system.

    • ETL/ATEX/IECEx certified for Zones 1 & 2
    • This industrial induction barrel heater can be used on its own or with either the full height or half height induction drum heaters
    • Up to 40% time reduction when melting solids with another Induction Drum Heater
    • Suitable for any size drum up to 55 Gallon
    • Induction heating with no radiant elements and no moving parts, so no maintenance
    • Water-proof design – both NEMA 4X & IP66 rated
    • Single-phase up to 240 VAC supply
    • Power Draw: 7A, 500W
    • Inductive Power Factor: 0.3. Apparent power: 1800W

    Hazardous Area Markings:

    • Class I Division 1 Zone 1 AEx e IIC 170°C (T3) Gb
    • Class I Division 1 Zone 1 Ex e IIC 170°C (T3) Gb
    • Conforms to UL Std. 60079-0, UL Std. 60079-7, ANSI/UL Std. 499. Cert to CAN/CSA Std. C22.2 No.60079-0, CAN/CSA C22.2, No.60079-7. CAN/CSA C22.2 No 88
    • Class II Appliances “double insulated”, no ground required
    Additional information
    Packaging Weight32 lbs
    Packaging Dimensions27 × 37 × 6 in

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