Dual Zone Tote Heater – 3600 watts

Dual Zone Tote Heater – 3600 watts

(enables Heating Jacket to be exposed to the elements)



Constructed as follows:

The CHR IBC Dual Zone IBC Heating System is made of top quality materials:

  • Sized to wrap standard Intermediate Bulk Containers 48 x 40”
  • Exterior – TPU laminated nylon for tear resistance and water-proof
  • Inner liner of this dual zone tote heater blanket is made of urethane backed nylon
    • Heating Element – Silicone insulated
    • Felted PE Insulation
    • Dabond 2000 thread – UV and abrasion resistant
    • 120v, single phase operation
    • Dual zone heating capabilities, each 1800 watts
    • TWO Digital Temperature controllers
    • 10’ long power cord – rubber insulated


  • Digital Temperature Control System which features:
    • Temperature Range from 0-212F
    • Staff ability to change Set Point
      • Maximum allowable Set Point Programmable
      • Lock out is possible
    • LCD Display to show Process value
    • Easy ability to display Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • NEMA 4X enclosure for outdoor use

More power, still 120 volts! This rugged and simple to use dual zone tote heater blanket includes 3,600 watts

In applications where more power is needed, and you need products set at a higher desired temperature, the dual zone IBC heating system is ideal.

Tote heater blankets are often used outside or in un-heated locations and if 120-volt, 15-amp power is all that is available, then your tote heater will be limited in power to 1800 watts. Unlike your typical IBC heater, the dual zone tote heater blanket has two 1,800-watt heaters inside (top & bottom), which allows it to use 3,600 watts for power.

Each heat zone (the top & bottom) in this dual zone IBC heating system has its own temperature controller and power cord. So, if you only need to use 1,800 watts, it’s still possible. All you need to do is turn the power off for one of the heating zones. Since this dual zone heating blanket is used for additional power, we recommend using an insulating lid to help retain the heat.

If a rapid heat up is required or solid materials are involved requiring higher power input, you should use the IBC tote heater system’s heavy-duty insulation option as well.

Additional information
Packaging Weight38 lbs
Packaging Dimensions16 × 16 × 54 in

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