Insulated Drum Heaters for 16-85 Gallon Drums

Insulated Drum Heaters for 16-85 Gallon Drums

(enables Heating Jacket to be exposed to the elements)

(safely heats Plastic Drums)



Sizes: 85 Gallon | 55 Gallon | 30 Gallon | 120lb /16 Gallon

Electric Drum Heater Jacket Features:

  • 16-85 Gallon Flexible Drum Heaters designed to fit securely
  • This electric barrel heater is suitable for a steel or poly drum
    • Specialized “Gentle Heating Elements” available for Extra Safety on Poly Drums
      • Durable and weather-resistant
      • Temperature accurate
      • Mildew and mold resistant
      • Fire retardant
  • 3100 Watt Option Includes DTC10 Temperature Controller


  • Dupont Cordura exterior – Water resistant and Tear Resistant *Urethane lined or Nomex lined depending on power/model
  • Dupont Nomex heater construction
  • Silicone insulated heating element, perfect flexible drum heater
  • Dupont Nomex felted insulation
  • Power – Up to 3,100 watt models available
  • Dabond 2000 Thread -UV and abrasion resistant
  • 120V & 220V models available


  • One year parts & labor
  • Meets NEC 427.23 standards and CE 73/23/EEC.

What our Customers are Saying about our 55 Gallon Drum Heater:

“Our mining operation utilizes flexible drum heaters to keep drums of grease warm enough that it can be pumped and flow properly. When the weather was cold, the silicone band heaters we were using didn’t heat evenly enough that all the material could be pumped and we wasted a lot of electricity turning them as hot as they would get. With the CHR drum heater the whole drum was covered and we got the grease to flow even on the coldest days. When the weather is not so cold the full coverage heater barely has to work at all to keep the grease warm, so we save on power consumption”

-Allan Nobles: Operations Manager, Allan Nobles – Operations Manager, Teck Resources LTDTeck Resources LTD

Download the Product’s Spec Sheet
Download the Installation Manual

Drum Heaters from CHR on Vimeo.

CHR’s 16-85 gallon drum heaters (also our barrel heater) are easy for anyone to install, and they’re built to fit the specific size of your drum. Using Velcro closures, the drum heater jacket is tightly secured when wrapped around the drum. But depending upon your needs, we also offer nylon straps and quick-release buckles as optional add-ons.

Our full coverage drum heaters and warmers are durable, high-quality blankets that are designed to maintain temperature in a variety of applications. By covering the entire drum with an insulated heater, our products protect people that come in contact with it once it’s in use and are much more energy efficient compared to alternative drum heaters. While the drum blanket heater itself will produce results you’ll need from a barrel heater, we often have customers that are looking for insulated drum heating lids, which you can also purchase from us.

Types of Drums:

  • Steel Drums
  • Poly Drums

Popular Barrel Heater Uses & Applications:

Drum heaters are typically used to maintain viscosity (thickness) of liquids, which is accomplished by using heating jackets to keep a consistent temperature. These barrel heaters can also be used for freeze protection, melting, and warming up contents. As a smaller container compared to a tote, drum heaters are often used for substances like grease, SVO (straight vegetable oil), WVO (waste vegetable oil), tar, varnish, resin, or even chocolate.

Read more about our features and construction below or contact us to learn more about our custom and full coverage drum and barrel heaters.

Additional information
Packaging Weight9 lbs
Packaging Dimensions36 × 12 × 6 in

120lb /16 Gallon (21" high), 30 Gallon (24" high), 55 Gallon (33" high), 85 Gallon (36" high)


120v, 220/240v


500w, 650w, 1000w, 1500w, 1800w, 2400w, 3100w

Heavy Duty Insulation

No, Yes, 1″ thick poly & FSK backed (+$95)

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