Resin & Composite Curing Blankets

Getting composite resins to cure evenly and quickly is easily accomplished when using our composite curing blankets. Through the curing process, thermoset resins (prepolymers) such as epoxy and polyester are converted into infusible polymers. The composite material of this insulated concrete curing blanket becomes fixed after gelation, and thermal cure monitoring allows the resins to produce its desired result.

Vestas Wind Blades had contacted us in search of a composite resin heater curing blanket for their wind turbine blades. Our company custom designed a heated concrete curing blanket that perfectly fit their need, and they were able to easily install the heater over the area to begin curing. The accurate temperature control and rugged design of our heated concrete curing blankets provide an ideal product for your curing needs, whether you’re looking for a composite resin heater or a concrete heating blanket.

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