Botanical Extractors Heater

Botanical Extractors Heater

Some botanical extractors have a desired temperature of only 80 ° F to boil off the butane, others may be as high as 115 ° F.  These apparently low temperatures don’t seem challenging to achieve but once the system is boiling off the butane at the desired rate the chilling effect can freeze over the tank, stopping the process. Our butane gas extractor drum heaters have been used to maintain the desired tank temperature for botanical extractors from hobby size systems all the way up to large commercial tanks.

CHR botanical extractor heaters can be made to any size/ shape and be made to have the proper power for the process. Many systems work well at 3 watts/sq inch but we have had some systems require as much as 10 watts sq/inch depending on the rate of evaporation.

Our botanical extractor heater can be made from fabric style heating jackets or more commonly from silicone mat heaters.


CHR can design and provide adequate temperature control to make the botanical extractor heater system turn-key. Temperature sensors installed in the heating jacket or silicone mat heater sense the surface temperature of the tank and provide accurate temperature control.

To ensure safety, Thermal Fuses or Manual Reset Upper Limit thermostats can be used as a back-up device.

Let our design team create the proper extractor heater for your botanical extractor system. Once we understand your tank sizes and the system operation we can design and manufacture a turn-key butane gas heater system quickly and economically.

Botanical extractors (often referred to as Butane gas extractors) have become increasingly popular as a method of extracting oils and components of plant material. In many states, the medical marijuana or legalization of marijuana has increased the use of botanical extractors which require heating jackets or silicone mat heaters to maintain tank temperature.

These botanical extractor systems often utilize butane due to the low boiling point, however a byproduct of this desired evaporation is a chilling effect. CHR’s botanical extractor heaters are an effective solution when that temperature needs to be maintained.

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