Silicone Heater with PSA Adhesive

For those permanent installations, hard to reach places and areas where having a thin heater is needed, our peel-n-stick line is perfect. Waterproof, easy to clean and simple to install, these stick-on heaters come with a high strength permanent pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with paper release liner. It’s the perfect solution for situations where high powered heaters need to transfer a lot of power, when heating the bottom of tank, batteries, bio-diesel tanks, oil tanks and more.

We have two options for the PSA Adhesive Backed Silicone Heaters, Acrylic Adhesive and Silicone Adhesive. The Acrylic Adhesive is rated to 356F/180C for continuous operation. The Silicone Adhesive heating pad has a wider temperature range of -100F/-73C to 500F/260C.

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