55 Gallon High Power & High Temperature Drum Heater

55 Gallon High Power & High Temperature Drum Heater



This High Powered, High Temperature Drum Heater can safely heat the contents of the drum to 248F/120C (the drum heater is capable of attaining a maximum temperature of 300+ F).

The 55-gallon drum heater will be easily installed with minimal instruction since it will be built to fit properly, wrapped around the drum and attached via Heavy Duty Straps and Quick Release Buckles.

Custom Built Flexible Heating Jacket constructed as follows:

  • Sized to wrap drum – 22” OD x 32” high
  • Exterior – 500 Denier Dupont Cordura
  • Heater Construction – Gentex aluminized Kevlar
  • Heating Element – Silicone insulated
  • Felted layer of Dupont Nomex Insulation
  • 1” thick Expanded Polyester Insulation with FSK backing
  • 100 Ohm RTD temperature sensor
  • Dabond 2000 thread – UV and abrasion resistant
  • 230v, single phase operation
  • Power – approximately 3,100 (~1.50 watts/sq inch)

Insulation Only Lid – Constructed of Dupont Cordura and insulated with the same 1” thick Felted Polyester and FSK backing, this insulating lid attaches easily to the drum heater via Velcro closures.

Download Spec Sheet

DTC10 Digital Temperature Controller with the following features:

  • Large illuminated LCD display
  • Tough thick wall ABS enclosure
  • Ability to change Set Point if needed (maximum is programmed in)
  • Easy ability to display Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Cycle timer with user defined start and stop
  • 8’ long power cord, rubber insulated

View DTC10 Spec Sheet

Additional information
Packaging Weight8 lbs
Packaging Dimensions36 × 12 × 12 in
DTC10 Controller

Yes(+$224), No

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