55 Gallon Drum Heater Classified Area – Self Regulating Design

55 Gallon Drum Heater Classified Area – Self Regulating Design

    New application or replacing a previous heating solution?*

    Can we define the shape & size? If cylindrical what is the OD of the cylinder and length confirmed?

    Do you have any photos of the vessel to be heated?

    Are there any features that need to be accommodated?

    Material the vessel/item to be heated made of?

    Supply voltage desired?

    Amperage available?

    Starting temperature?

    Target temperature?

    Temperature accuracy needed? +/- 5F or more precise <2f?

    Do you require a temperature sensor in the heater? This sensor can work with an existing Temperature Controller if desired

    Do you desire we quote you a Digital Temperature Controller? We can provide both On/Off or PID Logic Enabled Temperature Controllers

    Adhere the heater to the cylinder or do you need to remove it?

    Is the area Classified/Explosion Proof?

    It is the heating application outside? If so, will the heater going to exposed to the elements?

    Quantity needed?

    Any other important details or description of the project?


    Class I, Division 1, Zone I, 55-gallon (200 Liter), Self-Regulating Heating Element Design

    CHR is proud to present our Industrial grade 55-gallon drum insulation blanket heater. This 55-gallon thermal drum quilt heater is certified for use in Class I, Division 1, Zones 1 and 2 Classified Hazardous Locations and is ideal for gently warming to avoid winter freezing. The unique self-limiting design of this Class 1 Div. 1 Heater ensures safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of gasses and dusts without the need for a thermostat (We also sell a 55-gallon drum heater kit with a Digital Thermostatic Controller).

    • Chemically resistant silicone coated glass cloth used on outer surfaces to extend product life in demanding applications.
    • High grade thermal insulation to reduce heat loss and increase efficiency while providing protection for the operator.
    • 55-gallon drum blanket heater fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release buckles.
    • Flexible – conforms to the container wall providing optimal thermal coupling
    • Delivers heat over a large surface area, minimizing the possibilities of damaging the product.
    • Fit and forget, built to last – no regular maintenance required.
    • Safe to operate continuously.
    • 16 ft. (5m) premium oil, water, and abrasion resistant SOOW power cable
    • Double insulated product
    • Ambient temperature: -40°F to +104°F (-40°C to +40°C)
    • ETL approved to UL and CSA standards. Suitable for Class I Zone 1 Hazardous locations.
    • A self-limiting temperature heating element will be maintained on the container wall of approximately 122°F(50°C).
    • This 55-gallon drum insulation blanket heater is waterproof, and custom sizes are available.

    Hazardous Location Marking:

    • Explosion proof thermal drum quilt heater equipped with adjustable straps and quick release buckles.
    • AEx e IIB+H2 T3 Gb
    • Ex e IIIB+H2 T3 Gb
    • Class I, Div 1, Zone I, IIC, T3
    • Class II Division 2 Groups EFG T3
    • T4 rating available on request


    • Class 1 Div. 1 Heater will fit container: 55 Gallon / 200 Liter
    • Thermostat: N/A
    • Size: Circumference 71″ – 76.76″ / Height 34″ (1800 – 1950mm / 864mm)
    • 240 Volts
    • 500 Watts

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