Custom built Full Coverage Heaters & Heating Jackets can be the right combination to solve your heating troubles. These flexible heaters are able to be made to size, have cut-outs where needed, and are durable and well insulated.

Advantages of Full Coverage Heating Jackets

When a custom size heater needs to be built quickly, CHR Inc. can often have custom flexible heaters to you in days. We’ve been known to expedite Full Coverage Heaters the very same day!!

These flexible heaters can be sized anywhere from just a few inches to up to 35’ long and made to your needed dimensions. Cut-outs or slits are easily made to fit your needs.

100% weather-proof is easily done with our water-proof fabrics and heat-sealing technology.

Able to with stand a wide temperature range of -76F to +300°F and insulation values to meet your requirements our Full Coverage Flexible Heaters have a distinct advantage in the right application.


CHR has provided silicone heaters for a wide variety of applications including industrial, petro-chemical, food processing, aerospace, mining and energy sectors, tank heating, battery warming, composite curing & repair, pipe warming, and anti-condensation.  The uses for Full Coverage Heaters are really unlimited; here at CHR we can assist you to find the proper solution to your heating needs.   We’ve made heating solutions from the Arctic Circle to space exploration!

Installation and Fixing

A wide variety of attachment options are available including straps, buckles, hooks, Velcro closures and even all-weather PSA adhesives allow us to have our Full Coverage Heaters be designed to your needs. Our flexible heating jackets even have magnet backed options!

When installing and removing the heater is required we have over 20 years of experience in building you a product that is designed to be handled as part of its normal operation.

Thermal Control

We can install thermostats right into the Full Coverage Heating Jackets or a wide range of thermal control sensors which can be incorporated onto the heaters.  Thermocouples, RTDs and limit switches.

Flexible heaters can be designed to work with the temperature controllers we provide or to work a system of our choosing.

Design Service

CHR can perform the thermal analysis required to provide a complete heavy-duty heater design. CHR can manufacture almost any shape and size flexible heating jacket in a short period of time and can usually meet delivery times of 7-10 days (expedited orders can be even faster!)

From flexible heater design to prototype to production, spares parts and after sale service CHR can meet your needs.