Grounding Screen for Silicone Heaters

Safety Feature – Grounding Screens

Custom Heaters and Research Inc. can manufacture flexible silicone heaters with an integrated Grounding Screen (earth screen) that offers protection in case of puncture of the outer insulation layer resulting in contact with the live heating circuit. The full coverage Grounding Screen(earth screen) provides continuity of any ground fault back to the protection device of the electrical supply such as residual current device (RCD) or ground flow circuit interrupter (GFCI). Any electrically conductive surface that the heater is fitted to should be grounded separately.

The flexibility of the Grounding Screen heaters allows them to be used effectively on convex, concave and flat surfaces. This is particularly useful when the heaters are required to be flexed within the application. A self-adhesive backing can be supplied to hold these heaters effectively in place if required. Common applications include but are not limited to industrial catering, heated work benches, vessel heating, high voltage applications and laboratory equipment.

Central Points:

  • Grounding/Earth screens can be manufactured in either Wire Wound or Etched Foil Heating Element Technology
  • Precise even heating
  • Moisture & chemical resistant
  • IP64 protection as standard
  • Wide temperature range –60°C to 200°C
  • Single or three phase supply possible
  • Possibility to fit low profile thermostats & surface mounted temperature sensors
  • Custom design, power densities & voltages possible

A Grounding Screen provides a layer of protection within the silicone rubber heater’s construction in the event of the heater surface being cut, pierced, or damaged resulting in contact with the live heating circuit. Full coverage is obtained with our construction including the lead/ cable patch. Upon impact, the screen will provide continuity to ground, ensuring the RCD or GFCI will trip out and cut power to the heater. Providing an additional layer of protection.

The Grounding Screen heaters are manufactured with Grounding Screen testing tabs to demonstrate the Grounding Screen material and allow continuity of the ground to be tested once the heaters are manufactured. These can be cut off if not required.

By using one of our thinnest materials, the heaters do not lose any of the flexibility even with an additional ground mesh layer embedded. These heaters can be fitted with various leads or cables, including ground armored cables when required. Low profile thermal switches are optional.


Custom Heaters and Research Inc. heaters are intended for use in industrial electric apparatus. The heater must be operated in accordance local and national electrical standards and regulations and should be installed on an electrical system protected by a residual current circuit breaker.


Custom Heaters and Research Inc. can design heating elements ranging from basic dimensions through to complex designs with various holes and cut outs. We can work to basic sketches or technical drawings to manufacture a versatile range of heaters. There may also be possibilities to include customer supplied  components such as specific temperature sensors, terminals or thermostats to the heaters.

Upon request we could bond our heaters to metallic plates if this is required for the application.