In cold temperatures, gas is often wasted because the condensation that is created keeps it in a liquid state. This is wasting your money every time you have to fill up your cylinders with gas. By using gas cylinder heaters, (a gas cylinder heating blanket), you’ll reach the correct cylinder pressure and substantially increase each cylinder’s efficiency. By improving process control and reducing the amount of condensed gas, you’ll instantly start saving money.

Each of our gas cylinder heaters is equipped with a fully covered gas cylinder heating jacket that is built to fit securely, is easily installed, and uses Velcro closures to tightly wrap the cylinder. If necessary, nylon straps and quick-release buckles can be added on to your purchase. With rigorous testing in the harshest environments, Custom Heaters and Research is able to provide its customers with the most durable gas cylinder heating blankets on the market.

What Gases Can it Heat?

Our gas cylinder heating blankets can act as Butane heaters. You can also use these gas cylinder warmers to heat Propane C3H8, Butane C4H10, Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6, Oxygen 02, Nitrogen N2, Hydrogen Fluoride HF, Boron Trichloride BCI3, Tungsten Hexafluoride WF6, and several other gases.


  • Increases pressure
  • Warms up cylinders
  • Eliminates wasted gas
  • Significantly reduces refills
  • Saves money

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    Attach additional photo/files/drawings. Max file size 4mb.

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