Drum Heaters are used to heat liquids and gels to reduce the viscosity of the material within the drum. This is needed to prevent the liquid or gel from freezing inside the drum or order to fill, pump or bottle the liquid or gel from the drum.

Designed to cover the entire surface of the drum or container, insulated drum heater jackets and drum heating ovens have an outer layer of insulation. This increases energy efficiency because significantly less heat is lost to the air and as a result insulated drum heaters consume considerably less power than silicone band heaters.

Types of drum heaters include:

  • Insulated Drum Heater Jackets
  • Drum Heating Ovens
  • Drum Base Heaters

Custom Heaters and Research has been manufacturing drum heaters, including insulated drum blanket heaters and drum heating jackets, since 1993.Our industrial drum heaters are built to last and are:

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate
  • Designed to maintain an accurate product temperature
  • Well insulated
  • Rugged and designed for many drum heating applications

Why choose a full coverage insulated drum heater?

  • The heat is more evenly spread and more efficient
  • Once the material is at temperature, our insulated drum warmers maintain the temperature
  • Efficiently gets the job done even in challenging environments

Simple silicone band heaters get hot and put heat into the drum, however they are not nearly as efficient as a full coverage insulated drum heater jackets because much of the heat escapes into the air, wasting ener


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    “Our mining operation utilizes drum heaters to keep drums of grease warm enough that it can be pumped and flow properly. When the weather was cold, the silicone band heaters we were using didn’t heat evenly enough that all the material could be pumped and we wasted a lot of electricity turning them as hot as they would get.“With the CHR drum heater the whole drum was covered and we got the grease to flow even on the coldest days. When the weather is not so cold the full coverage heater barely has to work at all to keep the grease warm, so we save on power consumption”Allan Nobles – Operations Manager, Teck Resources LTD