CHR Inc. designs and delivers explosion-proof electric heaters that comply with the needed regulations and accomplish the heating task. The staff at CHR Inc. is well prepared to evaluate each heating application performed in a Classified Environment carefully to ensure that the safety requirements of the environment are met and of course, the heating task is successfully accomplished. CHR Inc. offers a wide variety of heating solutions approved for Classified Environments often referred to as Explosion Proof Heaters or Hazardous Location Heaters. CHR Inc. offers two main types of Hazardous Location Electric Heaters for classified environments – Heating Jackets and Induction Heaters. Electric explosion-proof heating jackets are available in both Standard and Custom sizes.

Explosion-Proof Electric Heaters – Standard-sized containers

CHR Inc. designs and delivers custom-sized built-to-order Explosion-Proof Electric Heaters and is always available to quote to meet your needs. The intrinsically safe heater jackets come in two different styles: Self-Limiting Heating Element or Temperature Controlled.

Self-Limiting Heating Jackets for Classified Areas

To gently warm or prevent winter freezing, these explosion-proof electric unit heater jackets are ideal. They feature a silicone-coated fiberglass outer fabric and high-density fiberglass insulation. Even in the presence of potentially explosive gases, they maintain safe operating conditions. They operate using a standard 120V or 240VAC supply and do not require transformers.

CHR Inc.’s line of self-regulating Heating Jackets is designed to fit around containers of sizes 5, 15, 30, and 55-gallon drums and other common-sized containers. Custom-size heating jackets are always available! The drum wall temperature will be maintained at a self-limiting temperature of around 75°F above the ambient temperature (with a 68°F ambient temperature, the drum wall temperature will be around 140°F). Electric explosion-proof heating jackets are available in Standard or Custom sizes, allowing the user to reduce the heating jacket temperature. While the jacket is situated within a safe area, the thermostat must be adjusted.

Temperature-Controlled Heating Jackets for Classified Areas

CHR Inc.’s line of Temperature Controlled Heating Jackets can be used when more power is required, or more precise temperature control is needed.  These specialized Heating Jackets can be designed for Class 1, Division 1, Zone 1, or Class 1 Division 2 Classified Hazardous locations. The most economical method is to utilize an internal thermostat to regulate the Heating Jacket’s temperature.

As with all Classified heating applications, the maximum allowable temperature the Heating Jacket can reach needs to be carefully evaluated by looking at the T-code rating (or Temperature Code) for the material being heated. In addition, should different temperatures be required at different times or more precise control is needed, we can offer Digital Temperature Controller options as well to improve the functionality of intrinsically safe heaters.

Induction Heaters – These specialized Hazardous Location Electric Heaters offer some distinct advantages to traditional heating solutions. Utilizing a single induction coil, completely encapsulated in a cylinder made from a glass-reinforced resin, this Induction Heater was specifically developed for chemical plants. The cylinder is simply placed over the drum. Contact is not required. Induction Heaters create heat in metals with magnetic properties without the heater itself getting hot. This allows the Induction Heater to provide a great deal of heat/power, heat the contents very evenly, and comply with Class 1, Division 1, Zone 1 requirements.

CHR Inc. offers 3 Common Sizes of Induction Heaters

The Full Height Induction Heater weighs far less than a full drum and can be easily lifted and placed over it. CHR designs and delivers Induction Heaters that heat the metal vessel to a temperature of 250°F. If you don’t want to allow the system to run to its maximum potential, you can run our Explosion-Proof Electric Heaters for a specified amount of time and then shut them off or use a Digital Temperature Controller. In addition, if your application requires accurate temperature sensing and control, you can utilize a Digital Temperature Controller and comply with the requirements of the classified area.

There are two ways to incorporate an Explosion-Proof Digital Temperature Controller

  • An ordinary environment Temperature Controller can be used but since it is only approved for an ordinary environment it must be placed outside the Classified Environment and connected with a power cable of sufficient length.
  • You can use a Temperature Controller in the same area as our Hazardous Location Electric Heaters. It’s important to understand that the Induction Heater itself is inherently safe and that the classified area approved Temperature Controller doesn’t make the system compliant; it only provides an accurate temperature control method.

CHR Inc.’s line of Classified Hazardous Location Electric Heaters can provide a solution for your application. Call us today to get a quote on one of our explosion-proof heaters!

Class 1, Div 2 Hazardous Location Approvals

  • Class I Division 2, Groups ABCD, T3
  • Class I Zone 2, IIC, T3
  • Class II Division 2, Groups EFG, T3
  • Class II Zone 22, IIIB, T3
  • Class III Division 1 and 2, T3 (T4 rating available on request)

Class 1, Div 1, Zone 1 Hazardous Location Approvals

  • Class I, Div 1, Zone I, IIC, T3
  • AEx e IIB+H2 T3 Gb
  • Ex e IIIB+H2 T3 Gb
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