Battery Heating Solutions

Heaters are formed to go around the individual battery cells

CHR Inc. offers Battery Heating Elements that can meet the requirements to keep batteries warm for the applications described below as well and many other applications.

  •   Aircraft batteries while the plane sits in cold areas
  •   Batteries of airport runway lights which serve as back-up should there be a power outage
  •   Batteries on Cell Phone Towers which serve as back-up
  •   Batteries on US Military equipment in the field (CHR Inc, is ITAR Registered)  

Rugged, powerful and efficient Custom Heaters and Research Inc. can create the proper solution to your battery heating needs.  

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Composite Curing

Condensation & Freeze Protection


Temperature Control

Viscosity Control – Fuels (biodiesel, motor oil, propanol, methanol, glycerol)

Viscosity Control – Fluids (grease, honey, molasses, chocolate syrup, castor oil, and corn syrup)