Custom Heaters and Research Inc. manufactures Custom Heating Jackets and Heated Enclosures for pumps, electrical, hydraulic enclosures and Bulk Materials; additionally, CHR can create Heated Enclosures which are truly Custom Industrial Ovens that can heat virtually anything inside.

Heated Enclosure with Door Open

Custom heated enclosures – an Economical Custom Oven

There are many applications which are best served by utilizing a Custom Heated Temperature-Controlled Enclosure.

  • Bulk materials on a job site
  • Heating a complex group of components such as piping, pumps and valves
  • Pre-heating metals prior to welding
  • Warming materials prior to batch mixing
  • Baking on surface treatments

Custom Heaters and Research has made these Custom Heated Temperature-Controlled Enclosures as large as 17’ across and as tall as 11.’ What do you have to heat?

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Custom Oven/Heated Enclosure Project Examples:

Bulk Materials on Job Site

Flynn Companies of Canada performs construction in a wide variety of locations and it can be COLD!  CHR’s Job Site sized Bulk Materials Heaters are easily assembled and ready to go in minutes.  A pallet can be placed inside with pails or boxes of temperature sensitive materials for roofing, construction adhesives or caulking. Even compressors can be pre-warmed in the custom industrial oven prior to being fired up!

Bulk Materials Heated Enclosure Frame
OMYA Heated Enclosure

Heating a complex group of components

When heating a complex group of components such a Grease Drum, pump and associated piping, it is more efficient and economical to enclose these critical components and heat the space.
This is exactly what OMYA required when they contacted us to assist them. This Heated Temperature-Controlled Enclosure is built to size to suit the critical components, has holes for the piping that needed to enter/exit and is designed for 480v, 3 phase power.
A far more simple approach than heating each part individually, cost effective and simple to install.

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Pre-Heating Materials

For pre-heating metals prior to welding or treating large glass panels Custom Heaters and Research had made Heated Enclosures for many materials.

Precision Glass Bending required an economical way to heat large glass panels up as part of their process prior to bending the glass, the result was a 12’4” long x 7’6” tall Heated Enclosure, 480v, 3 phase operation with 9,900 watts of power.

CHR supplied a PID Logic enabled Temperature Controller to manage the process.

Simple to install/assemble at their facility, this turn-key solution is economical, simple to use and maintenance free.

Heated Enclosure

Over-Sized Items to be heated

When you need to heat an over-sized component to temperatures over 200 Fahrenheit CHR’s Custom Heated Temperature-Controlled Enclosure works as a Custom Industrial Oven.

Wartsila Defense client came to us to heat a component which is 17’ in diameter and 5’ tall when laid flat to temperatures of 200-225 degrees and hold that for 10 days for a surface treatment to baked on CHR Inc has the solution.

An octagon shaped frame was constructed, Custom Heating Jackets made to cover and insulate the entire custom industrial oven and insulate the floor from stealing the heat.

A PID Logic enabled Temperature Controller managed the process.

Simple to erect/assemble, efficient, temperature accurate and certainly the most economical way to heat something so large.

Dave Hamm, Senior Propeller Specialist, WDI- Chesapeake, Wartsila Defense

Thanks for all your help with our project. Our “heater bag” worked perfectly right out of the box, no adjustments were necessary to achieve our goal of 200 degrees to 225 degrees for 10 days straight. The heat up time to 200 degrees was achieved in 21 hours from a starting point of 75 degrees F. We maintained a temperature span on the item of less than 10 deg. We completed the job on time with little or no need to adjust any of the pre-set controllers. We could not be happier with the performance of the heater bag.

What can CHR Inc. heat for you?
Grease Heated Enclosure concept

Grease Heated Enclosure Concept

Heated Enclosure inside

Custom Heating Enclosure Over Metal Frame

Custom Tent Heater Blanket

Custom Heating Blanket Corner Seal