Ceramic Heaters for High Temperature Applications

Custom Heaters and Research Inc. is proud to offer our line of Calcium Silicate Ceramic flat panel heaters.  These are excellent when high power densities are required to achieve fast ramp up temperatures.

CHR’s line of Ceramic Heaters utilize a helix coiled nickel chrome heating element with a high temperature insulator providing an ideal solution for a vast range of industrial heating applications where temperatures of up to 932°F/500°C are required.

Features and Benefits of Ceramic Heaters:

  • Provides an excellent solution for high temperature heating applications where a rapid heat up time heat recovery are required.
  • Manufactures to custom shapes and sizes
  • Easy to Install.
  • Ideal for use on high mass heatsinks, Temperature Sensors and Temperature Control options available
  • Calcium Silicate ceramic body is insulated with Filamic rigid mica plates on each face to improve dielectric strength.
  • Custom digital marking available to suit your company’s needs
  • Water-proof rating of IP62
  • Chemically resistant to common alkalis and solvents
Ceramic Heater Shapes

Manufacturing Details:

Custom Heaters and Research Inc.’s line of Ceramic Heaters are designed for a maximum continuous operating temperature of 932°F/500°C.

The helix coiled nickel chrome Heating Element wire is imbedded into the heater itself and encapsulated with ceramic oxide (filamic). The exterior of the heater is covered with rigid mica plates, fitted to the heater surfaces. This improves the dielectric strength and improves compressive strength.

The power supply lead wires can exit the heater face but heaters can be manufactured with leads exiting from the edge.

CHR’s Ceramic Heaters have excellent thermal stability and electrical insulation properties. They are also resistant to common alkalis and solvents. CHR’s Ceramic Heaters are also free from asbestos and mineral fibers with low shrinkage.

For best heat transfer, the Ceramic heaters should have direct contact with the component surface and can be easily clamped/bolted into position.

CHR’s Ceramic Heaters can also be designed and manufactured for three phase power supply

Certification and Safety:

CHR’s Ceramic heaters are intended for use in industrial electric apparatus. They correspond to EN 60335-1:2012 and are CE marked. The heater must be operated in accordance with these standards and regulations and should be installed on an electrical system protected by a residual current circuit breaker.  Any questions please feel free to inquire to tech@customheaters.net


Temp Range -76F to 932F
Power rating 25 watts sq/inch
Maximum size range22.6 x 34.5” 
Minimum size range 1 x 2” 
Supply leadsGlass braided insulation,
nickel conductor
Voltage 480v or lower 
3 phase possible 
Shrinkage thickness @ 500C0.68%
Shrinkage liner @500C0.29%
Thermal conductivity @ 500C0.3 W/mK
Bulk Density 48 lbs/cubic foot 
Flexural strength 7.0 MPa
Compressive strength 11.5 MPa
Dielectric strength 25 kV/mm
Ceramic Heaters Finished
Ceramic Heaters for High Temperature