Custom Heaters & Research (CHR)

CHR has provided high quality heaters to the most demanding sectors such as the U.S. Military and Formula 1. Through CHR’s dedication to design, production, and service, the company has been able to produce products that work in some of the toughest environments where winning is everything and reliability is essential.David Podolsky, founded Custom Heaters & Research after the success from the original business, Chicken Hawk Racing. Chicken Hawk Racing designs tire warmers and motorsports heaters, but Industrial Clients began to call asking for Custom Heaters for a wide range of applications. Seeing an opportunity in developing industrial heating systems, CHR Inc branched out to promote Custom Heaters and Research.Now CHR Inc specializes in Custom Silicone Heaters, Custom Fabric Heating Jackets and Temperature Controllers for a wide range of industrial applications serving the Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Gas Delivery Industry and is an on-going supplier to the US Military and is an ITAR Registered Corporation.

Leaders in Industrial Heating Blankets and Silicone Heaters



From performing the Thermal Analysis for a project, to a ready-to-use product – most projects can be handled turn-key.Virtually all our industrial heating systems are designed in house. We have several styles of heaters available to you and can select the proper construction to fit your needs.

  • Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • Kapton Insulated Heaters
  • Fabric Heating Jackets
  • Silicone Insulated heating elements in a Heating jacket
  • Traditional silicone heaters
  • Heated Polymer Elements

No matter the application, we have your custom heating solutions. Temperature control can be selected to fit the application as well. Simple mechanical thermostats, weather-tight Digital Controllers and PID logic enabled controllers are used commonly. Weather you require a proto-type or a production part, CHR Inc. has the versatility to manufacture the heater to fit your needs.


Our field tested custom heating solutions are built to a higher standard than many of the “consumer” quality heaters on the market.


After-the-Sale service has always available at CHR Inc. Custom Heaters & Research is the industrial division of CHR Inc. which began building specialized heaters for the motorsports industry in 1993 as Chicken Hawk Racing Inc.If you want to learn more about our custom industrial heating systems, call us on 1-845-758-0700 or submit a custom heater request form.


CHR Inc. is proud to be an ITAR Registered Corporation.As a supplier to the US Military and the Canadian Military CHR Inc. has provided Custom Silicone Heaters and Custom Heating Jackets for some of the most demanding environments.CHR Inc.’s expertise has designed and manufactured Heating Solutions for new applications and provided Turn-Key Heating Solutions; many of which continue as on-going projects.Should the heating need already be defined, CHR Inc. can provide heaters which meet the Design Specifications and deliver on-time, quality and reliable heaters and very competitive prices.What is ITAR?